Patient Participation Group

Quote / Testimonial:
Patient involvement is now a high priority in the NHS.  Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are used to establish a means of the surgery communicating with patients. 

At Reach Healthcare we are a group of 28 patient members and 3 Practice members and we aim to meet at the practice quarterly.

For the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we respond to requests from them for information and opinion on proposals they have.

For the surgery we offer our opinion, advice and assistance on how we can provide the best possible service to patients. We work both collectively and individually.
By working together in a constructive and supportive way, over the last few years, we have:

– Discussed and improved the appointment system
– Changed the telephone number from 0844 to 01634 687200.
– Published and circulated the Reach Healthcare Newsletter
– Publicity to reduce numbers of DNA’s (Did not attend)

A summary of our results can be found here.
A Practice Management Committee.

So, we do not interfere with the Practice’s management decision or its day-to-day organisation.

Part of the complaints procedure. There is already a procedure for complaints and a feedback book situated on the Reception Desk.

However, if a patient requests that a member accompany them to a meeting concerning a complaint as a ‘friend’ we are happy to respond.

Join the PPG

We are always happy to accept new members. If you are interested in joining us, the group meets quarterly at the surgery.

If you wish to join the Patient Group and are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email, please complete our Online Form. We will be in touch shortly after we receive your form. Please note that no medical information or questions will be responded to.

You can also join the PPG by contacting the practice via telephone.

PPG Meeting Minutes